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Weekend, intermediate off-road riding
23 - 25 November, 2018
Vredefort Farm, Touws River, Western Cape

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Vredefort Farm, Touws River, Western Cape

23 - 25 November, 2018

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Vredefort Farm, Touws River, Western Cape

23 - 25 November, 2018




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Double your Skills and Halve your Fears

Weekend, intermediate off-road riding

JOY is knowing you can follow the trail, wherever it leads. It is having the skill to overcome obstacles; the confidence to embrace adventure.

The three-day Intermediate off-road riding course is a natural progression from the introduction course. Its steady learning curve builds confidence; encouraging you to gradually push boundaries in a controlled environment. All aspects of off-road riding are covered, from an improved understanding of the fundamentals to overcoming obstacles and riding sand. With up to 30 exercises, you are guaranteed to leave a safer and more competent rider - able to enjoy any off-road adventure at any time!

Prior participation in an Introduction to off-road riding course is not compulsory, but highly recommended. If you have previously completed an Introduction to off-road riding course; or you are confident when riding on tar, then you are well equipped to attend this course.

Join us for a weekend of thrills, learning and laughing!

What you will learn

  • Important theory on off-road riding and motorcycling in general
  • In-depth discussions on protective clothing, tyre pressure, trouble shooting etc.
  • General bike maintenance
  • Balance exercises
  • Overcoming obstacles such as thick sand, water, logs & holes in the road, uphills & downhills etc.
  • Emergency braking
  • LOTS more!

Vredefort Farm
Touws River, Western Cape

Vredefort farm is situated near Touws River - less than two hours' ride from Cape Town. This venue offers riders the opportunity to sharpen riding skills in the breath-taking Great Karoo.

There are more than five separate training areas on the farm. Through the course of the weekend these areas are used to prepare riders for a large variety of riding terrain and conditions, including techniques to cope with the natural obstacles found in each of these areas.

Vredefort offers comfortable accommodation to ensure that everyone is well rested for days two and three of the training. Farm style catering provide the energy needed to fully benefit from a busy programme. Expect to make some new friends around the fires in the evenings!


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