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Regional GS Trophy Qualifier
17 February, 2018
Dual Sport Adventure, Rustenburg, North West Province

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Dual Sport Adventure, Rustenburg, North West Province

17 February, 2018


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Dual Sport Adventure, Rustenburg, North West Province

17 February, 2018




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The journey starts here...

Regional GS Trophy Qualifier

GS Trophy Logo

To participate in the skills challenges at GS Trophy South Africa 2018, you have to be selected for either a regional team or for one of the ladies' teams. Regional and ladies' teams will be picked at regional qualifier events. The three best riders from each region will be picked to represent their regions and the six best ladies from all regions will be picked for the two ladies teams.

Country TRAX will host the regional qualifier events on 17 February 2018 at various venues throughout the country. The regional qualifiers will consist of a series of exercises that test bike control, course management and the riders' ability to maintain focus. Exercises are based on the Intermediate off-road riding course.

The number of participants that can be accommodated in regional qualifiers is limited so prior booking is essential. Bookings for participants will close on 12 February.

You participate at your own risk, but we take great care to host regional qualifiers that are as safe as possible - for both rider and motorcycle. Participation in the regional qualifiers is the first step in a journey and we try to keep it accessible to many GS riders.

Spectators are welcome at all regional qualifiers. Come share in the fun and support the riders!

For more information about GS Trophy South Africa 2018, please visit www.gstrophy.co.za

Rules for Participation

  • Previous off-road training is not compulsory, but highly recommended.
  • All participants must be the registered owner of the GS model used for participation.
  • Any GS model, 650 cc and up, can be used for participation. No 310 GS, 450X-Challenge or 650X-Challenge models.
  • Participants shall not be the holder of any racing licence at any level from any issuing agency. Only amateur riders are allowed to participate.
  • No riding instructors, lead- or professional riders are allowed to participate. The GS Trophy is about the “normal” BMW customer.
  • Participants must be in good health and wear the appropriate protective gear for off-road conditions.
  • Valid motorcycle riding licence required.
  • No Pillions allowed.
  • Participants are responsible for own travel arrangements and accommodation. Info regarding available accommodation is available from the booking administrator.
  • This is a one day event only.
  • Arrive on your own GS bike.
  • Best 3 riders from each region are selected to participate in GS Trophy South Africa 2018.
  • Only SA residents and residents from neighbouring countries, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique can participate.
  • Riders who have represented SA in a previous International GS Trophy may not participate. Previous Team SA members are encouraged to attend and share their experience.
  • The following individuals are not entitled to take part in GS Trophy South Africa 2018 regional finals and events in the run-up: Staff members of BMW AG, proprietors and employees of a BMW dealership, instructors and tour guides who do work for BMW Motorrad and their dealers, holders of any motorcycle racing licence.

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