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Adventure of a Lifetime

The journey starts here...

The first step in the journey is to participate in a regional qualifier. Country TRAX (an official off-road training partner of BMW Motorrad) will host regional qualifiers on 11 March 2017 at various venues throughout the country. The three best riders from every region will earn the opportunity to represent their regions at GS Trophy South Africa and to enter the national qualifier in August.

The GS Trophy regional finals is one of the highlights at the annual BMW GS Trophy South Africa event. Each region is represented by three riders who compete in a series of skills challenges to determine which region will be crowned as champions. The winning team takes with them the trophy, prizes and most of all; bragging rights for a year!

Riders who represent their regions at GS Trophy South Africa 2017, earn the opportunity to enter the national qualifier. Here, riders from all regions will compete individually for a place in the top three. The three best riders from the national qualifier will represent South Africa in a mission to defend the title at the International GS Trophy in 2018.

The International GS Trophy

South Africa has a proud history at the International GS Trophy; an event that BMW Motorrad hosts every second year and that has become the icon of international adventure riding events. The South African teams finished second in 2010 and 2014 and were crowned as champions in 2016 in Thailand. South Africa was also represented by Morag Campbell in the first ladies team to compete at the international event.

Entrants - from all corners of the globe - are confronted with a major physical and mental challenge: whilst making friends for life. It is often described as the adventure of a lifetime by participants. And although there is only one winning team at the end, it is fascinating to observe how a combination of gravel, sand, mud and dust can make people so happy.

For further information about the 2018 International event, please visit www.gstrophy.co.za


Regional Teams

Regional Teams

Eastern Cape

  1. SP Dreyer
  2. Niel Keyser
  3. James Fitzhenry

Free State

  1. Roelof Schutte
  2. Andries Wessels
  3. Gert Cronje


  1. Eugene Fourie
  2. Mark Dickinson
  3. Alfred vd Westhuizen


  1. Gary Bostock
  2. Leon van Tonder
  3. Dave Warneke


  1. Joe Bodington
  2. Theo van Niekerk
  3. Pierre van der Meulen

Western Cape

  1. Lood Goosen
  2. Gerrit Cornelissen
  3. Zander van Aswegen

Ladies Teams

Team 1

  1. Ezelda van Jaarsveld
  2. Linda Steyn
  3. Antoinette Jansen van Rensburg

Team 2

  1. Liesl Geyser
  2. Romi Coetzee
  3. Roscahlle Wasilewski

Team 3

  1. Lezanne Truter
  2. Christelle van der Meulen
  3. Annemien van der Linde

South Africa was GS Country on 11 March 2017. Dust was kicked up by BMW GS bikes at six qualifying events throughout the country, marking the first step of the journey to Mongolia for the International GS Trophy event in the early (European) summer of 2018.

GS riders arrived from all the extremities of South Africa, all with the common aim of staking their claim for a place in their respective regional or ladies teams. The quality of riding impressed once again. The programme of exercises comprising the competition was standardized at all the venues, in order to ensure that team selection was fair and consistent, especially for the participating ladies. Ladies teams had to be selected after the event, and these teams are not geographical. The best ladies from all regions combined had to be chosen for further participation at future qualifying and competitive events.

The combined selection process is no easy task. The regional riders are very focused and the spirit of competition was tangible, especially in the highly contested Gauteng region. The spirit of the GS Trophy however emerged triumphant at all the regional competitions: This is NOT a race! The friendships and JOY of riding a BMW GS bike is what it is all about!

Spectator support was awesome and we thank all the BMW Clubs and individuals who came out in numbers to cheer on their riders. This gave the qualifiers a true GS Trophy flavour, and a lot of fun was had by spectators and riders alike. There is nothing more motivating to a competitor in any sport than great support from the side line. The BMW Dealers who threw their weight behind the events were out in full force, a huge thank you to them! And thank you to the dealers who offered various sponsorships to their teams for further participation!

You will notice that a third ladies team has been included. The quality of riding displayed by the ladies justified an opportunity for more ladies to compete for one of the two places available at the international qualifier. We are extremely proud of the ladies’ achievement following the skill and determination shown at the various regions where they participated. Thank you to Skye at BMW Motorrad for allowing us to field three ladies teams!

To all the regional and ladies teams: Now is the time! Keep up the good work. Show your mettle. You all have a chance to be at GS Trophy 2018 in Mongolia.

Congratulations to the regional teams and ladies teams! We wish you all the best as you prepare and participate in the future events. You are all winners already. Enjoy the journey. It is really a journey of a lifetime!

We are looking forward to seeing you all - participants, supporters, dealers - at the future events! What a team! What a life!


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