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Weekend, intermediate off-road riding
24 - 26 May, 2024
Klipbokkop, Worcester, Western Cape


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Klipbokkop, Worcester, Western Cape

24 - 26 May, 2024

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Klipbokkop, Worcester, Western Cape

24 - 26 May, 2024

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Double your Skills and Halve your Fears

Weekend, intermediate off-road riding

The primary objective of this course is to ensure that riders have the skills and confidence to enjoy their bikes on expeditions that include more than just gravel roads... steeper uphills and downhills, rocky paths, sandy tracks and much more.

The course teaches riding positions and technicques for different type of terrain on surfaces that are less flat and with less traction. It includes plenty of exercises that have been designed to teach you how to overcome obstacles such as rocks, holes, logs and sand. These include recovery techniques for when you do get yourself stuck, for when you have punctures or for when you suffer mechanical break downs.

One weekend to double your skills and halve your fears. This course is the biggest shortcut you can take towards becoming a competent off-road rider.

Join us for a weekend of thrills, learning and laughing!

What you will learn

  • Refresher of the theory and bike control exercises taught at the Introduction to off-road riding course, but with more detail, tighter tolerances for exercises and on different surfaces.
  • Bike setup for different riding conditions, puncture repair, basic trouble shooting and general maintenance.
  • Enhanced bike control that will enable you to execute the techniques required to overcome obstacles.
  • Techniques to overcome a variety of obstacles that you are likely to encounter on expeditions, including hills, rocks, holes, ruts, sand etc.
  • General advice about tool kits, luggage options and route planning.
  • LOTS more!

Worcester, Western Cape

Klipbokkop is much more than a training venue, it is an experience in its own right. The views are nothing short of spectacular, the staff is friendly, the coffee is good, the food is amazing, the training facilities (both man made and natural) are world class and everything runs like clockwork.

The training areas include two large man-made quarries. Each of these quarries offer flat gravel surfaces for slow speed bike control exercises as well as a variety of slopes (long, short, easy gradient, steep gradient, offcamber etc) and obstacles for more advanced exercises. The oval track is used for high speed braking and cornering exercises.

There are several areas with natural obstacles on the farm, but the area that makes Klipbokkop truely unique is the natural sand found along the Brandvlei dam. This includes many kilometres of beach sand that varies from firm (close to the water) to very loose (Further away from the dam) - which we use to gradually build confidence. Large areas of flat sand are used to practise cornering and there are even some dunes for the brave. Finally the labyrinth of sandy and twisty jeep tracks adds the icing on the cake to prepare you for the real world sandy tracks of the West Coast, Namibia, Mozambique etc.


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